Fri, 07.07.2017

    IT-enabled decision making in collaborative distribution networks

    Dr. ir. Paul Bujis

    University of Groningen

    Today's global logistics system consists of many separate distribution networks, each with its own warehouses and dedicated contracts with logistics service providers. Because of a lack of collaboration between different distribution networks, much capacity of logistics resources (e.g., trucks and warehouses) remains unused, leading to unnecessary costs and environmental impact. This session will cover an overview of the state-of-the-art research and industry in collaborative distribution network, with a focus on IT-enabled decision making. Several short assignments will familiarize you with challenges towards full logistics collaboration and have you brainstorm about possible ways forward. 

    Short profile
    Dr. ir. Paul Buijs is Assistant Professor of Sustainable Logistics in the Department of Operations at the University of Groningen. He holds a PhD degree in economics and business from that same university. His primary research interests are in sustainable logistics, including topics such as logistics collaboration, sustainable innovation, and alternative fuel transportation systems.